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The Best of Chobe-Botswana

Destination Information

Chobe National Park is situated near a town in Botswana called Kasane. Kasane is situated near where the four countries meet (quadripoint) in Africa. This makes Chobe an important tourism Hub as it allows easy access to four countries. Chobe National Park is one pf the Largest National parks found in Botswana. It is home to many diverse animals and bird.

Did you know?

How many areas are there in the Chobe National Park?

Chobe National Park is divided into four different areas which are Savuti, Serondella, Linyati wetlands and Nogatsa. All these four areas have distinct and unique geographical landscapes.

Does Chobe National Park have the Big 5? How many and which ones?

The national park is the perfect place to view the big five. Chobe has 4 of the big five namely elephants, buffalos, leopards and lions. They are called the Big five because of how dangerous and difficult they are to hunt on foot.

Who lived in chobe first?

Chobe was originally home to the Basarwa (popularly known as the San), and you can see their rock paintings on Gobabis Hill in Savuti. The painting mostly consists of livestock and date back well over 4000 years

Which animal will one mostly find in Chobe?

Chobe is considered the elephant capital of the world or the land of giants due to its approximately over 50 000 elephant population. They are protected and safe for future generations to see and enjoy.