Cultural Tours

Indulge yourself in a typical African traditional festival and be taken back into an era of by gone splendor and graciousness when food was plenty and delicious. Your senses will be heightened by sounds, smells and sights that only Africa can produce.

Setting is amongst two major historical developments in now the city of Victoria Falls. First is the railway station of which we are directly opposite, which saw the arrival of the maiden steam train on the 24th of April 1904. Second is the Grand Victoria Falls hotel built then for the purpose of accommodating engineers working on the famous Zambezi bridge.

After  a  warm    greeting  by  senior  Ndebele warriors,  you  will  be  escorted  into  the  dining  sites  by  their  personal  guards. Liveried  waiters  will  be  waiting to  serve you  our  specially concocted  hot  spiced  wine  in  winter, amarula  cocktail  or  drinks  of  your  choice. Warm  yourselves  up  around  the  many  fires buckets ‘mbawuras’ in the local language  surrounding  the  eating area, or  sit  at  your  candlelit  tables. Handmade  African  fabrics ,crockery  and  carvings, complimented  by  teak  furniture and canvas dining chairs  will  enchant  even  the  most  jaded  of  travelers. You are welcome to ethnic bites set on the tables i.e matemba, mopani worms , ground nuts. At this stage, you are welcomed by the Zambezi marimba band knocking their wooden keys producing unique melodies.

Dinner  will  be  served  at  the  open  style  buffet  in  the  traditional  way.  Foods are   all freshly prepared and stylishly presented. Game  meat  in  various  forms  can  be sampled  ,hunters  pot  of  the  day  is  always  recommended  and  for  the  less  adventurous  ,Zimbabwe  produced  vegetarian  dishes  will  delight  all  and  sundry.

After desert, sit back relax and enjoy a show of different  shone traditional dancers to the beat of drums and haunting lyrics of songs that have been sung and performed over a hundred of years.

You  will  be  sharing  more  than  just  our  famous  African  hospitality  you  would  share  with  us  an  experience never  to  be  forgotten….

Guest at the can be hosted in custom nights where guests from all walks come together to dine and celebrate the beauty of African nights as well as in private functions. In private functions guests are served select African dishes and beverages as per their liking. The décor and the music is as per the guests choices.